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The design fan heater that heats quickly, Imetec Living Air has a modern design that integrates perfectly even in the most refined homes. It has remarkable heating performance, thanks to its 2200 watts, which allow it to quickly reach the desired temperature.

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All the heat you want in the smallest footprint you will have with the IMETEC Living Air fan heater has a modern and elegant design that is well suited to all rooms in the house.

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Bellissima DF1 1000 is the hot air diffuser that combines diffuser and hairdryer in a single tool to enhance the beauty of curly hair. The synergistic action of the particular perforated grid that evenly distributes the air and the 12 long fingers, which keep the curls in shape and composed, allows the hair to be dried while maintaining and enhancing the...

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The IMETEC Eco Ceramic fan heater heats the room with maximum efficiency. The new exclusive IMETEC Eco Ceramic Technology ensures faster and more efficient heating with an energy saving of 35%.

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The Imetec ZeroCalc Z1 2800 steam iron with anti-limescale technology (filter + Calc-Clean function) has been designed to minimize the negative effects of limescale and have powerful steam for a long time. Imetec ZeroCalc is a compact and handy iron with excellent performance: 2200 Watt ceramic plate and 130 g steam boost.

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Creativity is a hair straightener by Imetec Bellissima that gives vitality and intense protection to each pass. Straight or wavy hair with flawless results. Equipped with Special Round Design, that is rounded plates that allow you to get straight or wavy hair in a single stroke.

29,53 € 39,90 € -26%

Asciugacapelli professionale IMETEC P11 2100 da 2100W ad elevate perfomance. Ultra powerful professional hair dryer. Motore professionale AC long-life ad un concentratore professionale ultrastretto.

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Bellissima My pro STEAM è la piastra professionale a vapore, per un liscio luminoso che dura a lungo, anche su capelli ricci, crespi o secchi e difficili da disciplinare.La tecnologia della piastra sfrutta i benefici del vapore per preservare idratazione dei capelli per un effetto anti-gonfio e anti-crespo in una sola passata.

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Beautiful My pro 2 in 1 straight & waves B29 100 is the styler able to create different looks with a single tool, great for all hair types (not suitable for very short hair). choose between a great smooth or soft and bright waves. A simple gesture is enough to rotate the plates and vary the style according to the desired result.

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Sensitive brush for delicate skin. Pumice: Shock action against thickening of the skin, calluses and calluses. Usable in the shower and in the bath. Suitable for men and women for all skin types, equipped with a support and charging base; Auto-off after 20 minutes of use.

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With this towel warmer you can create the optimal climate in your bed and keep it constant throughout the night to sleep well and wake up rested. Thanks to advanced software, the bed will warm up in a few minutes and, while you sleep, it controls, regulates and stabilizes the climate based on body temperature and that of the environment, creating the...

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Il ferro da stiro a vapore Imetec ZeroCalc Z1 2500 con tecnologia anticalcare (filtro + funzione Calc-Clean) è stato progettato per ridurre al minimo gli effetti negativi del calcare e avere un vapore potente a lungo. Imetec ZeroCalc è un ferro compatto e maneggevole e con ottime prestazioni: piastra inox da 2200 Watt e colpo vapore da 120 g.

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