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IMETEC Bellissima Revolution BHD1 1000 is the IMETEC hair dryer that dries the root quickly and keeps the tips hydrated. With Deep Drying Action, it allows heat to penetrate gently to the root, ensuring uniform air distribution for faster drying and softer to the touch hair.

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Imetec Bellissima K5 2200 hair dryer, with fast and delicate drying. With ion technology to hydrate and reduce frizz. 8 Air and temperature combinations. Diffuser included in the package. For any information, contact customer service.

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Bellissima DF1 1000 is the hot-air diffuser that combines diffuser and hairdryer in a single instrument to enhance the beauty of curly hair. The synergic action of the particular perforated grid that evenly distributes the air and the 12 long fingers, which keep the curls in shape and make them dry, allows the hair to dry while maintaining and enhancing...

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